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name: Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Establishing a "Good and Bad Evaluation" System of Government Service to Improve the Level of Government Service

Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Establishing a "Good and Bad Evaluation" System of Government Service to Improve the Level of Government Service

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The General Office of the State Council on establishing a “good bad review” system for government services

Opinions on improving the level of government services

State Council issued [2019] No. 51

People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and agencies directly under the State Council:

In order to comprehensively and accurately understand the feelings and demands of enterprises and the masses for government services, accept social supervision, improve targeted government services, improve government work efficiency, optimize the business environment, and build a service-oriented government that is satisfactory to the people. With the consent of the State Council, The following opinions are put forward on the establishment of a "good bad evaluation" system for government services.

I. General requirements

(A) guiding ideology. Guided by Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th plenary sessions of the 19th CPC National Congress. To further promote the reform of "decentralization of service", change government functions, innovate administrative methods, improve administrative efficiency, implement service-supply-side reforms to meet the needs of the masses, establish a "good and bad" system in which government service performance is judged by enterprises and the masses, and promote various Governments at higher levels have increased their awareness of service, changed their work style, consolidated their service responsibilities, provided comprehensive and standardized, open, fair, convenient and efficient government services to enterprises and the masses, and improved the convenience and sense of gain of the enterprises and masses.

(2) Target requirements. By the end of 2020, a “good bad evaluation” system of government service will be fully established, a “good bad evaluation” management system of a national integrated online government service platform, and government service agencies at all levels (including halls, centers, sites, windows, etc., the same below) ), All types of government service platforms (including business systems, hotline platforms, mobile service terminals, self-service terminals, etc., the same below) all carry out "good bad evaluation", comprehensive integration of online and offline, to achieve full coverage and evaluation of government service matters Full coverage of objects and full coverage of service channels. Ensure that every government service item can be evaluated, every government service agency, government service platform, and personnel are evaluated, each office enterprise and the public can voluntarily and truthfully evaluate themselves, and each bad evaluation is rectified, and evaluation and feedback are formed The whole process of rectification, supervision and supervision, the positive interaction between the active participation of enterprises and the masses, the extensive evaluation of all sectors of society, and the timely improvement of government departments have promoted the continuous improvement of the quality of government services.

Clarify the standard of responsibility

(1) Consolidate the responsibility for government services. Provincial people's governments bear the main responsibility for local government service work, organize and lead local government service work, clarify government service management agencies, coordinate government service agencies and platform construction, unify work requirements, service procedures and standards, improve supporting policies, and supervise Government services run. The people's governments at the city and county levels are responsible for guiding and supervising the implementation of their responsibilities in accordance with the laws and regulations in the local government service agencies and platforms, refining relevant regulations in accordance with the actual situation, promoting the implementation of various tasks, strengthening personnel management and assessment, supervising rectification of issues, and accepting review appeals , Investigate and punish violations of regulations and discipline. Government service agencies and platforms at all levels specifically accept and handle government service matters, strengthen internal management, clarify the responsibilities of handling personnel, accept supervision and evaluation by enterprises and the masses, and rectify problems in a timely manner. Departments of the State Council should strengthen guidance on government system service work in this system and field, play a cross-regional business coordination role, and strengthen coordination with local governments; vertical management departments should strengthen organizational leadership of government service work in this system; cross-department government service work It is organized by the lead department, and the relevant departments perform their duties, actively cooperate and cooperate with each other.

(2) Clarify matters concerning government services. All government services are subject to inventory management. According to the list of statutory duties and responsibilities, based on the basic list of national government service matters, a complete list of government service matters should be compiled and incorporated into the management of the national integrated online government service platform to achieve the basic elements such as the name, coding, basis, and type of the same matter. Unite. It is necessary to compile and improve the work guide item by item, clarify the acceptance unit, application channels, application conditions, application materials, procedures, time limit, basis for charging and standards, evaluation channels, and other factors, and promote the acceptance of the same matter without discrimination and the same standards. Checklists and work instructions should be made public and updated in a timely manner.

(3) Standardize government service requirements. It is necessary to promote the simplification of service processing, optimize the work process, reduce the processing links, and accelerate the integration and sharing of government information system resources. Improve on-site service specifications. The government service hall should reasonably set service signs and office windows to enhance the "one-stop" service function. In principle, it can be handled centrally and remotely; supporting services such as printing, faxing, and mailing require fees. It is necessary to set and disclose the fees reasonably. Improve the online service specifications, implement the requirements of the “One Netcom Office”, improve the online appointment, declaration, approval service and other processes, and provide online consulting services to ensure that companies and the public online business processes are clear, convenient, and smooth communication. Reduce the time limit for processing government affairs, distinguish between different types of services, and implement on-site settlement, one-time settlement, and time-limited settlement. Each region can further reduce the time within the time limit set by the state. If the time exceeds the time limit, the reasons must be disclosed publicly. Improve personnel management standards to achieve proficient business, courteous service, civility, courtesy, and cleanliness.

(4) Set scientific evaluation standards for government services. On the basis of practice, formulate national standards for government service evaluations in a timely manner, establish a sound evaluation system around government service matters management, work processes, service specifications, service quality, rectification effectiveness, supervision and management, etc. According to the method of unified integration, classification and classification, Refine evaluation indicators, improve evaluation methods, and promote the scientific, standardized, and effective system of "good bad evaluation" of government services. Encourage the competent industry authorities of the State Council to formulate industry standards for various government services in this field. Based on national standards and industry standards, various regions should put forward higher requirements for evaluation standards of government services based on local conditions. The General Office of the State Council and relevant departments shall strengthen guidance and coordination in the formulation of evaluation standards for government services.

3. Smooth evaluation channels

(1) On-site service "one comment at a time". Government service agencies should set up an evaluator or evaluation QR code at a prominent position in the service window to facilitate the independent evaluation of service enterprises and the masses. Where remote areas and grass-roots service points are temporarily unavailable, a written evaluation form shall be provided. Enterprises and people who have not made an evaluation at the service site may supplement the evaluation within a certain period. The evaluation can generally be set as "very good", "good", "fair", "poor", "very poor" or "very satisfied", "satisfied", "basically satisfied", "not satisfied", "very dissatisfied" Five grades, the last two grades are bad reviews.

(2) "One thing, one comment" for online services. The government service platform should set up evaluation function modules or links to facilitate immediate evaluation by enterprises and the masses. Take advantage of information technology, and based on the five-level evaluation, refine the evaluation inquiry form for specific service items. You can set whether the service guidelines are clear, whether the procedures are convenient, whether the material procedures are streamlined, whether the user interface is friendly, and any suggestions for improvement. Other items are voluntarily filled by the service enterprise and the masses.

(3) "Comprehensive Comments" from all walks of life. It is necessary to take the initiative to accept comprehensive evaluations from all walks of life through various channels and methods such as suggestion boxes, hotlines, supervision platforms, and e-mail boxes. Guide social organizations, intermediary organizations, and research institutions to conduct professional, scientific, and objective evaluation and evaluation of the state of government services, and make suggestions.

(4) "Supervision and Evaluation" by government departments. Actively carry out government service surveys, especially for newly introduced policies that benefit enterprises and the people, newly provided service items, and key service items that directly affect the vital interests of enterprises and the public, and keep abreast of policy awareness, convenience, and service satisfaction And so on. The enterprises and people participating in the evaluation will be randomly selected according to a certain proportion and a return visit survey will be conducted. According to the actual situation in the region and department, a third party is entrusted to conduct an independent government service evaluation. The evaluation results serve as an important basis for improving services. The role of the Chinese government's online government service complaint and suggestion platform should be further brought into play.

Fourth, make good use of the evaluation results

(1) Strengthen the rectification of poor service evaluation. It is necessary to establish a mechanism for investigation, verification, supervision and rectification of feedback and complaints. After receiving the bad reviews and complaints, the business handling unit will start the procedure as soon as possible according to the principle of "who handles and who is responsible" and arrange a special person to return for verification. For situations with clear conditions and reasonable demands, set up and implement reforms; if the situation is complex and difficult to resolve temporarily, establish a ledger and make corrections within a specified period; for those lacking legal basis, make a good explanation. If it is verified that it is a mis-evaluation or a malicious negative evaluation, the evaluation result will not be adopted and the administrative service organization at the same level will be notified. When verifying the rectification situation, it is necessary to provide timely feedback to the enterprise and the public through appropriate methods to ensure that there is rectification and feedback for the bad evaluation documents. Make a record of the rectification of bad review return visits, and the rectification rate of real bad reviews return visits must reach 100%. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the verification and rectification of the bad review return visits.

(2) Strengthen the comprehensive analysis and application of evaluation data. It is necessary to use big data and other technologies to strengthen the tracking analysis and comprehensive mining of evaluation data, to summarize and find the blocking points of government services in a timely manner, analyze and judge the demands and expectations of the corporate masses, and find out the entry points and focus of the corporate masses. Promote the refinement of service supply, reflect the problem of concentration of enterprises and the masses, and rectify and solve the problem according to laws and regulations within a time limit.

(3) Improve the reward and punishment mechanism for government services. Improve the incentive and restraint mechanism to effectively stimulate the endogenous motivation of government departments and staff to innovate and improve services. The General Office of the State Council shall collect and analyze evaluation data through a national integrated online government service platform, and regularly form reports on government service in various regions and departments, and provide feedback in an appropriate form. All regions and departments shall incorporate the “good bad evaluation” of government service into the performance evaluation. Units and personnel who are highly satisfied with the evaluation of enterprises and the masses shall be commended and rewarded in accordance with relevant state regulations; those who are repeatedly evaluated and complained in the government service, falsified, deliberately make things difficult, or even crack down on revenge against the enterprise and the masses, according to law Serious accountability.

(4) Disclosure of government service evaluation information. We must adhere to the principle of "openness is the norm, and non-disclosure is the exception." Except for information that must not be disclosed in accordance with the law, the government services, evaluation results, and rectifications must be disclosed to the public through government portals, government service platforms, and news media. Establish a government service competition mechanism that is in line with the actual conditions of the region and department. Cases that cause adverse effects should be internally notified, and media exposed if necessary, to promote the formation of a social consensus that is willing to evaluate, dare to evaluate, and effective.

V. Perfecting safeguard measures

(1) Improve the evaluation information management mechanism. Based on the national integrated online government service platform, establish a “good bad review” data generation, collection, transmission, analysis, and feedback mechanism, connect various online and offline evaluation channels, and achieve the “good bad review” content provided with the same standards and evaluation results Same source release, online feedback for bad review rectification, and evaluation data are automatically generated. Each region and department's government service platform shall build a “good bad evaluation” system of government service in accordance with standards, and interconnect with the national government service platform. Each area provides a "good bad review" page, which collects and reports relevant evaluation data in real time. If the agencies directly under the various departments enter the local government service hall to handle business, in principle, they should be evaluated through the “good and bad” system in their area. Establish an evaluation data security mechanism to ensure that the data is authentic, secure, and reliable.

(2) Strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of evaluators and evaluators. It is necessary to guarantee the right of the appraisers to voluntarily and independently evaluate, and they must not force or interfere with the appraisers' appraisal behavior. Encourage the real-name evaluation of the service enterprises and the masses, establish and improve the information protection system of the appraiser, standardize the information inquiry authority, and seriously investigate and deal with the leak of appraiser information in accordance with laws and regulations. The rights of the appraised person to provide evidence for explanation and appeal defense shall be guaranteed, and a review mechanism for appeals shall be established to eliminate false evaluations and malicious negative evaluations.

(3) Strengthen organizational leadership. All regions and departments should regard the establishment of a "good bad evaluation" system of government services as an important measure to deepen the reform of "decentralization and management services", layering responsibilities, paying close attention to supervision and implementation, ensuring that the work advances in an orderly manner, and the target tasks are completed on time ; Strengthen the integration and connection with other complaints and evaluation systems to reduce the burden on the grassroots; Based on the evaluation of enterprises and the masses, timely summarize and promote innovative practices and typical experiences; focus on policy promotion and guide enterprises and the masses to actively participate in the evaluation of government services. The General Office of the State Council shall strengthen the guidance, coordination, follow-up and supervision of administrative services in various regions and departments.

Relevant industry authorities should strengthen the guidance and supervision of enterprises and institutions that undertake public service functions in their industries, and refer to the requirements of this opinion to organize public service evaluations.

Office of the State Council

December 3, 2019

(This is publicly released)

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