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Reply of the Provincial People's Government on Guizhou's Work Plan for Adjusting the Toll Charging Mode of Toll Road Trucks

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Provincial People's Government on Guizhou Province to adjust toll road trucks

Approval of the toll billing scheme

Qianfu Letter [2019] No. 137

Provincial Department of Transportation, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Finance:

Your "Inquiry on Adjusting the Toll Charging Method of Freight Tolls of Our Province's Highways" (Qian Jiao Jian [2019] No. 118) has been received. After research, the reply is as follows:

Agree with the "Work Plan for Guizhou Province to Adjust Toll Highway Freight Toll Charging Methods", please carefully organize implementation.

Attachment: Guizhou Province's Work Plan to Adjust Toll Road Freight Toll Charging Method

People's Government of Guizhou Province

December 24, 2019

(This is publicly released)

Guizhou Province adjusts toll road truck tolls

Billing method work plan

According to the relevant laws and regulations and relevant national policies and regulations, with the consent of the provincial people's government, the toll collection method for toll trucks in the province has been adjusted. The following work plan is now formulated.

I. Adjusting the Charging Method of Trucks

The province's highway (first-level) highway freight car charging method has been unified from weight-based charging to vehicle (axis) type charging, and the unified basic charging standard is 0.5 yuan / km.

Adjusting the classification and charging coefficient of truck models

In accordance with the "Toll Highway Vehicle Toll Model Classification" (JT / T 489-2019) industry standard, the unified truck model classification standard was added, and new types of special operation vehicles were added. The charging coefficients for the six types of trucks are respectively 1: 1.4: 3: 4.2: 4.5: 6.15, and the charging coefficients for special operation vehicles are implemented with reference to truck standards.

3. Adjust the toll standards for bridges and tunnels that meet the toll conditions

Bridges and tunnels that meet the toll conditions are billed separately, and vehicle tolls are collected collectively. The basic toll standards for trucks are adjusted as follows: the toll for a type of truck passing through a type of bridge and tunnel is 1.1 yuan / trip, and the classification coefficient of bridge and tunnel is 1: 2: 3: 4: 5.

4. Charge factor for large transport vehicles

For trucks with six or more axles (large-size transport vehicles), the charge standard for six types of trucks is used as a base, and a 0.5 toll coefficient is added for each additional axle, and the highest coefficient is 10.

V. Tolls for specific road sections

The toll limit for specific road sections is approved by the Provincial Department of Transportation, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Provincial Department of Finance and implemented after publicity.

Relevant safeguard measures and requirements

The adjustment of toll highway freight toll charging methods in the province involves a wide range and has a vital impact on the masses. The relevant departments in various places must carefully plan and cooperate with each other to carefully organize the adjustment of toll highway freight toll charging methods and maintain normal traffic. order. It is necessary to strengthen policy publicity and public opinion guidance, fully publicize the necessity and importance of this adjustment, make this adjustment of the charging policy popular among the people, and better serve local economic and social development. All charging units shall publish the charging standards, charging period, supervision telephone and other contents in accordance with regulations, and consciously accept supervision and inspection by relevant departments and all sectors of society.

This plan will be implemented from January 1, 2020. At that time, the "Notice of the General Office of the Provincial People's Government on Adjusting the Toll Standards of Toll Road Vehicles and the Trial Weight Charges of High-speed and High-grade Highway Trucks" (issued by Qianfu Office [2007] The relevant provisions in the 37th) regarding the toll collection of trucks will no longer be implemented.

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