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name: Letter from the General Office of the Provincial People's Government on agreeing to establish a joint conference system of individual income tax coordination and co-governance in Guizhou Province

Letter from the General Office of the Provincial People's Government on agreeing to establish a joint conference system of individual income tax coordination and co-governance in Guizhou Province

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Provincial People's Government General Office agrees to establish Guizhou Province

Letter from the joint meeting system of personal income tax and co-governance

Qianfu Office Letter [2019] No. 132

Provincial Taxation Bureau:

Your Bureau has received the "Instructions on Establishing a Guidance System for Joint Co-Administration of Individual Income Taxes in Guizhou Province" (Qian Shui Cheng [2019] No. 11). With the consent of the Provincial People's Government, the reply is as follows:

Agreed to establish the Guizhou Provincial Taxation Bureau's joint co-governance system of personal income tax co-governance. The joint meeting does not engraved seals, and does not formally form a document. Please organize your work carefully in accordance with the spirit of the relevant documents of the Provincial People's Government.

Attachment: Guizhou Province Individual Income Tax Co-governance Joint Conference System

General Office of the People's Government of Guizhou Province

December 15, 2019

(This is publicly released)

Guizhou Province Personal Income Tax Co-governance Joint Meeting System

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the newly revised "Personal Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "State Council's Notice on Printing and Distributing the Interim Measures for Special Additional Deductions for Individual Income Taxes" (Guo Fa [2018] No. 41), various measures for personal income tax reform have been implemented. Implementation, with the consent of the Provincial People's Government, the establishment of the Guizhou Provincial Individual Income Tax Co-governance Joint Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Joint Conference) system.

I. Main responsibilities

According to the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on advancing personal income tax reform, coordinate and promote the co-governance of personal income tax, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers, focus on improving the efficiency of service management, and fully release the reform policy dividends; Major issues in the collaborative and co-governance process of personal income tax; study and coordinate the implementation of important matters in laws and regulations related to personal income tax; improve and improve the co-governance mechanism, do a good job of information sharing and interoperability, security verification, catalog management, and explore the establishment of natural persons Credit system to achieve scientific, standardized, and informatized coordination and co-governance of personal income tax; complete other tasks assigned by the provincial party committee and provincial government.

Member units

The joint meeting consists of the Provincial Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Education Department, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Finance Department, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, the Provincial Natural Resources Department, the Provincial Housing, Urban and Rural Construction Department, and the Provincial Health and Health Committee. , The provincial medical insurance bureau, the provincial big data bureau, the provincial local financial supervision bureau, the provincial court, the People's Bank of Guiyang Central Branch and other departments and units, the provincial tax bureau is the lead unit.

The main person in charge of the joint meeting is the convener of the provincial tax bureau, the person in charge of the provincial tax bureau is the deputy convener, and the relevant person-in-charge of other member units are members of the joint meeting (list attached). If the members of the joint meeting need to be adjusted due to changes in their work, they shall be proposed by the unit where the joint meeting is determined. The joint meeting may adjust the member units according to the needs of the work.

The Joint Conference Office is located in the Provincial Taxation Bureau, and undertakes the daily work of the joint conference. The director of the office is the relevant comrades of the Provincial Taxation Bureau. The joint meeting shall have a liaison officer, who will be the comrade of the relevant department of each member unit.

Third, the working rules

Joint meetings are convened regularly or irregularly as required, and are convened by the convener or deputy convener to preside over the meeting. Member units may put forward proposals for convening meetings according to their work needs. When studying specific work items, some member units may be convened to participate in the meeting, or other units may be invited to participate. The joint meeting mainly researched major issues in the collaborative and co-governance of personal income tax, notified the development of the work, and arranged the next tasks. The joint meeting clarified the matters in the form of minutes and issued them to the relevant units. Significant events are reported for approval according to procedures.

Fourth, work content

The Provincial Taxation Bureau shall effectively do all the work of the joint meeting with the member units. All member units shall actively support and cooperate in earnestly implementing the work tasks and agreed matters determined by the joint meeting. The joint meeting office shall strengthen the follow-up, supervision and implementation of the matters agreed at the joint meeting, and promptly inform the member units of the situation.

(1) Strengthen information sharing. Relying on "one cloud, one network, one platform", a provincial personal income tax database is established. The Provincial Taxation Bureau formulates the personal income tax information catalog, and discusses with each member unit to determine the format, standard, method and time limit for sharing data information. Each member unit shall promptly assist the Provincial Taxation Bureau in verifying relevant tax-related information, and ensure the authenticity, accuracy, and completeness of the information, so as to realize the interconnection, sharing, and integration of the information systems of the taxation department and relevant departments.

(2) Strengthen policy publicity. Innovate propaganda forms and carriers, give full play to the role of traditional mainstream media and emerging financial media, carry out comprehensive and multi-channel promotion and interpretation of personal income tax policies, and create a good environment for personal income tax coordination and co-governance.

(3) Explore the establishment of a credit system for natural persons. Explore the development of personal income tax credit management, improve the establishment of supporting linkage systems such as the trustworthy joint incentives and untrustworthy joint punishment mechanism, implement cross-department credit information sharing, and build a new pattern of tax co-governance management and credit coordinated supervision.

Guizhou Provincial Joint Conference on Individual Income Tax Co-governance

Member list

Convener: Zhong Youzi (Director of the Provincial Taxation Bureau)

Deputy Convener: Liu Hui (Chief Economist, Provincial Taxation Bureau)

Member: Zhang Yingwei (Deputy Director of Provincial Development and Reform Commission)

Xiuqian He (Deputy Superintendent of Education, Provincial Department of Education)

Wu Zhixian (Deputy Director of the Provincial Public Security Department)

Liu Yuhai (Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs)

Wang Gui (Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Finance)

Xie Danqing (Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security)

Guo Qiang (Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources)

Chen Yong (Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction)

Gong Zhongming (member of the Party Group of the Provincial Health and Health Committee and full-time vice chairman of the Provincial Family Planning Association)

Zhu Zhaolin (Deputy Director of the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau)

Han Shaobo (Deputy Director of the Provincial Big Data Bureau)

Ren Hui (Deputy Director of the Provincial Local Financial Supervision Bureau)

Lu Yan (Second Senior Judge of the Provincial Court)

Fan Wei (Director of Trade Union, Guiyang Center Sub-branch)

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