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Issuer: City Office` City Office Date of issue:
name: Notice of the Office of the Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Scheme of Domestic Waste Classification in Liupanshui
Symbol: Liupanshuifu Office Development [2019] No. 9

Notice of the Office of the Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Scheme of Domestic Waste Classification in Liupanshui

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The people's governments of counties, cities, special zones and districts, the management committee of Liupanshui High-tech Zone, the management committees of economic development zones, the departments of the people's government of the city, the agencies directly under the central government, and the administrative enterprises and institutions of the central and provincial governments stationed in the city:

With the consent of the Municipal People's Government, the "Implementation Plan for the Classification of Domestic Waste in Liupanshui City" is now issued to you. Please organize it carefully.

12 20 December 20 , 2019

(This is publicly available)

Implementation plan of domestic waste classification in Liupanshui

26 号)、《住房和城乡建设部等部门关于在全国地级及以上城市全面开展生活垃圾分类工作的通知》(建城〔 2019 56 号)、《省人民政府办公厅关于转发省发展改革委省住房城乡建设厅贵州省生活垃圾分类制度实施方案的通知》(黔府办发〔 2017 68 号)、《省生态文明建设领导小组办公室关于全面推进我省生活垃圾分类工作的通知》(黔生态办发〔 2019 1 号)的精神,按照《省生态文明建设领导小组办公室关于印发〈贵州省生活垃圾分类工作评价考核暂行办法〉的通知》(黔生态办发〔 2019 4 号)要求,切实推进和深化六盘水市生活垃圾分类工作,完成省下达的生 In order to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's decision-making and deployment of ecological civilization, the State Council's Circular on Forwarding the Implementation Plan of the National Development and Reform Commission's Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's Domestic Waste Classification System (Guobanfa [ 2017 ] No. 26 ) "Notice of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other departments on comprehensively carrying out domestic garbage classification in cities at and above the national level" (Jiancheng [ 2019 ] No. 56 ), "Provincial People's Government Office on Forwarding Provincial Development and Reform Commission to Provincial Housing Urban and Rural Areas Notice of Guizhou Province on the implementation plan of the domestic garbage classification system of the Construction Department (Qianfu Office issued [ 2017 ] No. 68 ), "Notice of the Provincial Leading Group Office of Ecological Civilization Construction on Comprehensively Promoting the Classification of Domestic Waste in our Province" [ 2019 ] No. 1 ), in accordance with the requirements of the "Provincial Ecological Civilization Construction Leading Group Office's Notice on Printing and Distributing the" Interim Measures for the Evaluation and Assessment of Domestic Garbage Classification in Guizhou Province "(Guizhou Ecological Office Development [ 2019 ] No. 4 ) And deepening the classification of domestic waste in Liupanshui City Classification task of living garbage, and formulate this implementation plan.

I. Main goals

年,市级及各县(市、特区、区)和六盘水高新区全面部署生活垃圾分类工作,制定印发生活垃圾分类实施方案,建立工作推进机制;市中心城区、六枝特区城区、盘州市城区全面实施生活垃圾分类,启动建设一批生活垃圾分类示范区(钟山区示范区不低于 10 个,其中街道示范区不低于 1 个;六枝特区、盘州市、水城县示范区均不低于 3 个,其中街道示范区均不低于 1 个;六盘水高新区示范区不低于 1 个)。 (I) In 2019 , the municipal and counties (cities, special zones, districts) and Liupanshui High-tech Zone will comprehensively deploy domestic waste classification work, formulate and implement domestic waste classification implementation plans, and establish work promotion mechanisms; downtown areas, and Liuzhi Special Zone urban areas 1. Panzhou City's urban area comprehensively implements the classification of domestic garbage, and starts to build a number of domestic garbage classification demonstration areas (no less than 10 in Zhongshan District , including no less than 1 in the street demonstration area ; County demonstration areas are not less than 3 , of which street demonstration areas are not less than 1 ; Liupanshui High-tech Zone demonstration areas are not less than 1 ). The construction of the city's domestic garbage classification infrastructure was initiated; exploration, research, and formulation of relevant laws, regulations, and systems for the classification of domestic garbage in our city.

年,基本建立我市生活垃圾分类规章制度;各县(市、特区、区)和六盘水高新区生活垃圾分类示范区基本建成;全市城镇生活垃圾分类覆盖面达到 30% 以上,生活垃圾回收利用率达到 35% 以上。 (II) In 2020 , the basic rules for the classification of domestic garbage in our city will be basically established; the counties (cities, special zones, districts) and the Liupanshui High-tech Zone's domestic garbage classification demonstration zone will be basically completed; the city's urban domestic garbage classification coverage will reach over 30% , and domestic garbage The recycling rate is over 35% .

年,六枝特区、盘州市、水城县、六盘水高新区城镇生活垃圾分类覆盖面达到 40% 以上;钟山区城镇生活垃圾分类覆盖面达到 50% 以上;市中心城区生活垃圾分类基础设施建成投运;全市生活垃圾回收利用率达到 40% 以上。 (3) In 2021 , the classification coverage of urban domestic waste in Liuzhi Special Zone, Panzhou City, Shuicheng County, and Liupanshui High-tech Zone will reach more than 40% ; the classification coverage of urban domestic waste in Zhongshan District will reach 50% or more; Completed and put into operation; the city's domestic garbage recycling rate has reached more than 40% .

年,研究建立我市生活垃圾分类地方性法规;钟山区实现城镇生活垃圾分类全覆盖;六枝特区、盘州市、水城县、六盘水高新区城镇生活垃圾分类覆盖面达到 50% 以上,示范区实现生活垃圾分类全覆盖。 (IV) In 2022 , research and establish local regulations for the classification of domestic garbage in our city; Zhongshan District will achieve full coverage of urban domestic garbage classification; Liuzhi Special Zone, Panzhou City, Shuicheng County, Liupanshui High-tech Zone will cover more than 50% of urban domestic garbage classification , The demonstration area to achieve full coverage of domestic garbage classification. 45% 以上。 The city's domestic garbage classification infrastructure has been basically completed, and the recycling rate of domestic garbage has reached more than 45% .

年,我市城乡生活垃圾分类基本实现全覆盖;生活垃圾分类基础设施正常运行;与我市实际相适应的生活垃圾分类相关法规制度体系、运行管理体系、全社会治理体系基本建成,生活垃圾回收利用率达到 50% 以上。 (V) In 2025 , urban and rural household waste classification in our city will basically achieve full coverage; the domestic waste classification infrastructure will operate normally; the relevant laws and regulations system, operation management system, and social governance system for domestic garbage classification that are compatible with the actual conditions of our city will be basically completed , The recycling rate of domestic garbage reached more than 50% .

Key tasks

(I) Comprehensively promote waste sorting in key areas.

1 . Mandatory classification of household waste in public institutions. 2019 1 号)要求,落实责任,健全宣传和督促机制,建立公共机构生活垃圾分类基础台账。 Party and government agencies, institutions and organizations at all levels of the city according to the requirements of the “Notice of the Municipal Energy Agency Leading Group on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for the Compulsory Classification of Domestic Waste in Liupanshui City's Public Institutions” (Liupanshui Energy Saving [ 2019 ] No. 1 ) , Implement responsibilities, improve the publicity and supervision mechanism, and establish a basic account for the classification of domestic waste in public institutions. 年底前全面实施生活垃圾分类。 Fully implement domestic waste sorting by the end of 2019 .

2 . Classification of corporate domestic waste. 4 项措施,指导和督促各类企业、宾馆、饭店、购物中心、超市、专业市场、农贸市场、农产品批发市场、商铺、商用写字楼等开展生活垃圾分类工作。 Industry authorities at all levels immediately deployed, and guided and supervised various enterprises, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, specialty markets, farmer's markets, and agricultural products through four measures: intensive publicity and training, facility setting, classified placement, and classified collection and transportation . Wholesale markets, shops, commercial offices, etc. carry out the classification of domestic waste. 年部署完成, 2020 年全面展开。 Deployment is complete in 2019 and it will be fully launched in 2020 .

3 Separation of urban household garbage. 政府购买服务 ”“ 社会组织参与 ”“ 社区自治管理 等模式,做到宣传发动、设施配置、收运作业、指导监督 4 项措施同步到位,深入推进居住小区生活垃圾分类工作。 Relying on the strength of streets, communities, and property service enterprises, the local government should adopt the " government purchase service ", " social organization participation ", and " community autonomy management " modes to implement the four measures of propaganda, facility deployment, collection and transportation operations, and supervision Synchronization is in place to further promote the classification of domestic waste in residential communities. Gradually establish a classification model of classified delivery fixed points, classified collection timing, classified transportation scheduled vehicles, and classified processing and positioning. Taking demonstration and creation as the starting point, strengthen home guidance, bucket-side supervision, incentive guidance, and promote accurate classification of residents' domestic waste sources. 2020 年底,各县(市、特区、区)和六盘水高新区基本建设完成一批生活垃圾分类示范区,形成可复制可推广的居住小区生活垃圾分类模式。 Strengthen the typical cultivation. By the end of 2020 , the basic construction of various counties (cities, special zones, districts) and Liupanshui High-tech Zone has completed a series of demonstration zones for the classification of domestic garbage, and a replicable and popularizable model of residential garbage classification in residential communities has been formed.

4 . Separation of rural domestic waste. Combining the classification of rural household waste with rural revitalization strategies and rural pollution control, strengthen publicity and education, and improve the classification facilities. Gradually establish and improve the facilities for sorting, separating and collecting, transferring and recycling resources and sorting facilities for rural domestic waste, and encourage standardized local treatment of kitchen waste in rural areas or coordinated treatment with crop straws. 2025 年,农村生活垃圾分类基本达到城镇生活垃圾分类水平。 By 2025 , the classification of rural domestic garbage will basically reach the level of urban domestic garbage.

(2) Speed up the construction of domestic waste classification infrastructure.

1 . Speed up the construction of separate collection facilities for domestic garbage. In accordance with the unified national and provincial standards, improve the relevant signs of garbage classification, and equip them with clear collection containers. Configure classified delivery facilities reasonably, strengthen guidance and supervision, and gradually do accurate delivery. 干湿分开 为重点,强制餐饮场所、单位食堂、农贸果蔬专业市场、大型超市等单独存放餐厨垃圾(厨余垃圾),倡导开展就地处理。 Focusing on " separation of dry and wet " , catering establishments, unit canteens, specialized farmer fruit and vegetable markets, large supermarkets, etc. are required to separately store kitchen waste (kitchen waste), and advocate on-site treatment. Residents are guided to classify and put the kitchen waste that has been filtered out of water, and advocate that qualified residential quarters should dispose of kitchen waste on-site. Actively promote the timing and fixed-point classified delivery model, encourage bucket withdrawal and integration, gradually cancel floor placement points, and reduce corridor (outlet) placement points. Gradually set up recyclables placement points and encourage the sale of recyclables directly to renewable resource recovery operators. 1000 户居民、乡镇农村每 2000 户居民设置 1 个再生资源回收网点。 Set up renewable resource recycling outlets reasonably, and set up a renewable resource recycling outlet for every 1,000 households in urban areas and for every 2,000 households in rural areas . In accordance with the principles of safety and convenience, rationally place hazardous waste centralized distribution points and regulate the hazardous waste classified distribution.

2 . Speed up the construction of facilities for sorting and transferring domestic garbage. 体系完整、布局合理、技术先进、环保高效 的生活垃圾分类收集运输体系。 Actively build a system of separate collection and transportation of domestic waste with a complete system, reasonable layout, advanced technology, environmental protection and high efficiency . 集、收、运 物流链的无缝对接。 Promote the integration of collection, transfer, and processing, promote the transfer of professional services to residential quarters, and realize the seamless integration of the " collection, collection, and transportation " logistics chain. Renovate the garbage room, transfer station, compression station, etc. in the urban area, improve the sealing performance of facilities and equipment, effectively handle odor and leachate, and adapt to and meet the requirements of domestic garbage classification. Update old garbage transport vehicles, fully equipped with fully enclosed, low-noise, good-looking, standard garbage labeling collection and transportation vehicles, and actively apply new energy vehicles. 车载桶装 等收转运方式,避免垃圾分类投放后重新混合收运。 Encourage the use of " car-mounted barrels " for collection and transshipment methods to avoid re-mixing and collection and transportation after the waste is sorted. Promote a collection mode combining timing, fixed-point and appointment, improve the intelligent level of line arrangement and scheduling, and formulate a roadmap for the classification and collection of domestic waste. 年底前,分批实施完成全市生活垃圾收集收运系统提标改造工程。 By the end of 2022 , the city's domestic garbage collection and transportation system will be implemented in batches.

3 Speed up the construction of a recycling system for the utilization of renewable resources. 两网融合 信息平台,合理布局再生资源回收利用站点,清理取缔违法违规站点。 We will build an information platform for the classification and recycling of domestic waste and the recycling of renewable resources . We will rationally arrange sites for recycling of renewable resources and clean up and ban illegal sites. Promote the construction of trading points and transfer stations with the functions of domestic garbage classification and recycling of renewable resources, and explore the construction of large-scale garbage recycling centers. Encourage enterprises to recycle old resources by replacing old ones with new ones, setting up automatic recycling machines, express delivery and recycling packaging materials. Accelerate the cultivation of leading enterprises in recycling of renewable resources. Implement the producer responsibility extension system, and promote the special recycling of decoration building materials, home appliances, information products, and express packaging.

4 . Speed up the construction of domestic waste treatment infrastructure. 焚烧、资源综合利用为主,就地处理为补充,填埋为应急保障 的生活垃圾分类处理设施体系。 Adopt a combination of long-term layout and transitional arrangements to accelerate the construction of facilities such as incineration treatment, kitchen waste (kitchen waste) treatment, emergency landfill, domestic waste (recycling resource recovery) transfer sorting or utilization, and hazardous waste disposal centers, etc. Form a domestic waste classification and treatment facility system that focuses on incineration and comprehensive utilization of resources, supplements on-site treatment, and landfill as emergency protection . 2 座,形成总规模 2500 / 日生活垃圾焚烧处理能力。 There are 2 new domestic waste incineration power generation facilities in the city, forming a total capacity of 2,500 tons / day of domestic waste incineration. 200 / 日餐厨垃圾处理能力。 Increase the construction of fast food kitchen waste treatment facilities to form a total capacity of 200 tons / day of kitchen waste treatment capacity. 1 座,满足我市各类危险废物的处置需要。 Build a hazardous waste (harmful garbage) disposal center to meet the needs of various types of hazardous waste disposal in our city. Relying on the Zhongshan District Recycling Resource Utilization Base, we will build a resource recycling and utilization base that integrates garbage incineration, recycling of kitchen and kitchen waste, recycling of recyclable resources, and disposal of hazardous waste. Liuzhi Special Economic Zone and Panzhou City speed up the layout and construction of resource recycling bases.

(3) Establish and improve the relevant institutional mechanisms for the classification of domestic garbage.

1 . Establish and improve policies and regulations. 年研究制定与我市生活垃圾分类相适应的政府性规章,待充分评价实施效果后,在 2022 年左右,研究制定我市生活垃圾分类地方性法规,对生活垃圾分类体系和相关设施建设,以及源头减量、监督管理、保障措施、责任义务、公民行为规范、奖惩机制等方面予以明确,深入持久地推动生活垃圾分类工作规范化、常态化。 In 2020 , research and formulate government regulations suitable for the classification of domestic garbage in our city. After fully evaluating the implementation effect, in 2022 , study and formulate local regulations for the classification of domestic garbage in our city, and establish a domestic garbage classification system and related facilities. And clarify the source reduction, supervision and management, safeguard measures, responsibilities and obligations, norms of citizen behavior, reward and punishment mechanism, etc., and promote the standardization and normalization of domestic garbage classification work in a deep and lasting way.

2 . Establish and improve a long-term mechanism for publicity and education. Continue to carry out extensive publicity and education on the classification of domestic waste, compile a popular science manual for the classification of domestic waste, produce publicity advertising videos, launch interactive columns, and enrich the content of publicity. Make full use of media such as newspapers, radio and television, and the Internet. In the whole society, especially in public places such as schools and hospitals, business centers, bus stations, and building enclosures, vigorously carry out the popularization of public waste classification knowledge and public welfare publicity, and continuously improve Awareness of people's domestic waste classification. Accelerate the construction of domestic garbage classification demonstration education bases and carry out professional knowledge and skills training in garbage classification and collection. Promote typical experiences, promote model demonstrations, and spread the positive energy of scientific classification of domestic waste. 楼道长 、志愿者等力量服务社区生活垃圾分类。 Give full play to the ability of community organizations to mobilize and integrate the power of property management enterprises, building corridor directors , and volunteers to serve the community's domestic garbage classification. 家校社 互动。 Strengthen school education, integrate the classification of domestic waste into school education, carry out the activities of sorting domestic waste into campus, and hold hands together to form a " home-school community " interaction. 十进 活动,形成人人参与的社会行动体系。 Effectively organize " ten-entry " activities such as entering communities, entering rural areas, entering families, entering schools, entering enterprises, entering shopping malls, hotels, windows, and barracks to form a social action system for everyone.

3 Innovate and promote the input and management mechanism of domestic waste classification funds. Actively explore ways of franchising, contracting, leasing, etc., encourage social capital to participate in the operation of separate collection, transportation, and treatment of domestic waste, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism for the separation, recovery, and treatment of domestic waste based on social capital input. Accelerate the construction of urban smart environmental sanitation system, build the whole process of classified waste release, classified collection, classified transportation, classified disposal, and all-area information management platform, and realize environmental sanitation integration, kitchen waste treatment, renewable resource recycling, and domestic waste incineration and power generation. Information sharing and comprehensive supervision. 绿色账户 ”“ 环保档案 ,对正确分类投放生活垃圾的居民给予一定的物质和精神奖励。 Explore the establishment of residents ' " green accounts " and " environmental protection archives " , and give certain materials and spiritual rewards to residents who correctly classify and put out domestic garbage. The subject of mandatory classification of domestic garbage shall be gradually incorporated into the environmental credit system.

4 . Establish and improve supervision and management mechanisms. 地沟油 生产流通,严禁将生活垃圾直接用作肥料;通过建立社会监督员制度以及建立民意反映监督平台、开通投诉监督电话热线等方式,全面畅通生活垃圾分类监督渠道;依规定对未进行生活垃圾规范分类和处置的主体及个人进行处理。 Strict management of kitchen waste, resolutely crack down on and prevent the production and circulation of " ditch oil " , and strictly prohibit the direct use of domestic waste as fertilizer; through the establishment of a social supervisor system, the establishment of a public opinion monitoring platform, and the opening of a complaint and supervision telephone hotline to fully facilitate life Supervision channels for garbage classification; subject and individuals who have not standardized the classification and disposal of domestic garbage according to regulations.

5 . Establish a sound, stable and sustainable fund input guarantee mechanism. In accordance with the polluter pays principle, improve the charging mechanism for domestic garbage treatment. Strictly implement the state's preferential tax policies for comprehensive utilization of resources. Give full play to the leading role of fiscal funds at all levels, and adopt investment subsidies and loan discounts to accelerate the construction of facilities for the collection, transportation, and treatment of domestic garbage. The municipal and county levels of finance shall provide necessary funding support for the construction and operation of renewable resources recycling, domestic garbage collection and transportation systems, and treatment facilities.

6 . Establish and improve a domestic waste classification and coordination mechanism. The city and county levels have a clear division of responsibilities, and work hard to establish a cooperative mechanism that links up and down and manages together. 社工 + 志愿者 ”“ 党员联系户制度 ”“ 指导员制度 ”“ 红黑榜制度 等模式,建立健全部门、物业管理企业、社区、街道等协调推进生活垃圾分类的工作机制。 Actively explore models such as " social workers + volunteers ", " party member contact households system ", " instructor system ", and " red and black list system " in the city , and establish and improve departments, property management companies, communities, and streets to coordinate the promotion of domestic waste classification.

Third, safeguard measures

(1) Implementing government responsibilities. The establishment of a leading group for the promotion of domestic waste classification in Liupanshui City, to coordinate and lead the city's domestic waste classification work. Relevant municipal departments should do a good job of top-level design, formulate detailed work plans, strengthen guidance, supervision and inspection of domestic garbage classification, and promote the implementation of related work according to functions. The counties (cities, special zones, districts) and Liupanshui High-tech Zone take the main responsibility for the classification of domestic garbage in the area under their jurisdiction, implement the government (administrative committee) executive head responsibility system, speed up the formulation of work programs, and implement the principle of territoriality; Position, strengthen organizational leadership, recognize the position, the responsibility is in place, the investment is in place, the measures are in place, and ensure that all work objectives are completed within the time limit.

(2) Strengthen organization and mobilization. Party organizations at all levels are encouraged to incorporate domestic waste classification into grassroots party building work, and party members and leading cadres take the lead in conducting domestic waste classification. Encourage trade unions, Communist Youth Leagues, women's federations and other group organizations at all levels to give full play to their own advantages, establish a waste classification supervisor and volunteer team, guide the public to classify and organize, and mobilize the masses to actively participate in the classification of domestic waste.

(3) Strict supervision and evaluation. In accordance with the regulations of the province, conduct annual assessments of the classification of domestic waste in counties (cities, special zones, districts) and Liupanshui High-tech Zone, and report the assessment results; check and evaluate the classification of domestic waste on a quarterly basis. District) and Liupanshui High-tech Zone should report on the status of domestic garbage classification. Commend praise for strong work progress and obvious achievements; propose rectifications for poor implementation and work lag, and conduct interviews and notifications based on the rectification situation.

Attachment: Liupanshui City Leading Group for Promoting Domestic Waste Classification


Liupanshui City Leading Group for Promoting Domestic Waste Classification

Leader: Li Gang (Mayor of the Municipal Government)

Executive Deputy Leader: Hou Meichuan (Executive Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government)

Deputy Leader: Li Li (Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government)

He Shu (Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government)

Li Hengchao (Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government)

Zhang Qianfei (Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government)

Huang Jiazhong (Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government)

Member: Luo Zixiang (Secretary-General of the Municipal Government)

Wen Xiang (Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government and Director of the Municipal Finance Office)

Jin Jian (Deputy Director of the Municipal Government Office)

Gong Shenxiong (Director of Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau)

Wu Guoxing (Executive Deputy Minister of Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee)

Zhang Yuancai (Executive Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Commission of Work)

Yuan Guozhong (Executive Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee)

Yang Bo (Chairman of the Municipal People's Congress Legal Committee)

Xu Lilin (Director of the Municipal Bureau of Justice)

Li Wenxu (Director of the Municipal Finance Bureau)

Li Weiyi (Director of Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau)

Wu Jian (Director of Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology)

Xiao Jianjun (Director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau)

Li Ming (Director of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs)

Xing Xuemei (Director of Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

Huang Hao (Director, Municipal Housing, Urban and Rural Construction Bureau)

Huang Chujun (Director of the Municipal Education Bureau)

Jiang Yu (Director of Municipal Bureau of Commerce)

Zeng Xiaofang (Director of Municipal Natural Resources Bureau)

Shi Canmin (Director of Municipal Health Bureau)

Wan Li (Director of Municipal Government Affairs Service Center)

Wang Xinhua (Director of the Municipal Postal Administration)

Luo Yongsheng (Director of Municipal Taxation Bureau)

Li Rui (Secretary of the Communist Youth League)

Tang Jinyun (Chairman of the Municipal Women's Federation)

Wang Peng (Deputy Director, Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau)

Wu Ruifan (Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission)

Fang Yuqian (Director of the Government of Liuzhi Special Economic Zone)

Li Lingbo (Mayor of Panzhou Municipal Government)

Zhao Qingqiang (Mayor of Shuicheng County Government)

Li Shiqiang (Acting District Director of Zhongshan District Government)

Bao Jike (Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Liupanshui High-tech Zone)

The leading group has an office in the Municipal Urban Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, which is responsible for coordinating, supervising, guiding, inspecting and assessing the city's domestic garbage classification. Gong Shenxiong is also the director of the office, and Wang Peng and Tong Ruifan are the deputy directors of the office.

Solicitation of opinions: Announcement on public solicitation of opinions and suggestions on the "Implementation Scheme of Domestic Waste Classification in Liupanshui City"

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