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Guide to Information Disclosure of Liupanshui Municipal People's Government

六盘水市 人民政府依法公开的政府信息,提高政府工作透明度,助力法治政府建设,充分发挥政府信息对人民群众生产、生活和经济社会活动的服务作用,根据《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》 以下简称《条例》 ,制定本指南。 In order to better provide government information disclosure services, it is convenient for citizens, legal persons or other organizations to understand the government information disclosed by the Liupanshui Municipal People's Government in accordance with the law, improve the transparency of government work, help the construction of a government ruled by law, and give full play to the production, life, and economy of government The service role of social activities is formulated in accordance with the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Disclosure of Government Information ( hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" ) .

政府信息公开主体及范围 I. Subject and scope of government information disclosure

The main bodies of information disclosure of the Municipal People's Government include the Municipal People's Government and its constituent departments, directly-affiliated institutions, and department management agencies (hereinafter collectively referred to as the municipal-level administrative organs).公开为常态、不公开为例外 的原则,除以下信息外,其余政府信息应当公开: The Municipal People's Government's information disclosure adheres to the principle of " openness is the norm, and non-disclosure is the exception " . Except for the following information, the rest of the government information should be disclosed:

; (1) government information determined to be a state secret according to law ;

; (2) government information that is prohibited from being disclosed by laws and administrative regulations ;

; (3) government information that may endanger national security, public safety, economic security, and social stability after disclosure ;

; (4) Government information involving trade secrets, personal privacy, etc., which may damage the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, except where the third party agrees to disclose or the administrative agency considers that non-disclosure will have a significant impact on the public interest ;

; (5) Information on internal affairs of municipal administrative organs, including information on personnel management, logistics management, internal work processes, etc . ;

(6) Discussion information, process drafts, consultation letters, request reports, and other process information and administrative law enforcement dossier formed by the municipal administrative organs in the course of performing their administrative functions (the laws, regulations, and rules shall be publicly followed and their provisions shall be followed) .

Government Information Disclosure

(1) Active disclosure

人民政府 办公室 负责主动公开 人民政府及 人民政府 办公室 的政府信息。 The Municipal People 's Government Office is responsible for actively disclosing government information of the Municipal People 's Government and the Municipal People 's Government Office . 如下 The main public information is as follows :

人民政府 六盘水 府发 六盘水府任 人民政府 办公室 六盘水府 办发 六盘水府 办函 文件 ; 1. Documents issued by the Municipal People ’s Government Liupanshuifu , appointed by Liupanshuifu and the Municipal People ’s Government Office issued by Liupanshuifu and letters of Liupanshuifu ;

人民政府工作报告、重大决策、重大工作部署及相关政策解读情况 ; 2.The Municipal People's Government's work report, major decisions, major work deployment and interpretation of relevant policies ;

人民政府重大活动 ; 3. Major activities of the Municipal People's Government ;

人民政府领导活动、讲话 ; 4.Leading activities and speeches by non-secret municipal people's governments ;

人民政府全体会议、常务会议内容 ; 5.The contents of the plenary and executive meetings of the non-secret municipal people's government ;

人民政府人事任免 ; 6. Personnel appointment and removal of the Municipal People's Government ;

人民政府重大督办事项 ; 7. Major oversight matters of the non-secret municipal people's government ;

; 8. Information on key areas closely related to the people's production and life ;

人民政府及其工作机构的领导人员简历、职务、分管工作、机构职责等信息。 9. Resume, titles, tasks, and institutional responsibilities of leaders of the Municipal People's Government and its working institutions.

通过 六盘水市 人民政府 门户网站 网址: 政府新闻发布会 和市 政府政务服务中心等载体或平台对以上信息进行公开。 The Office of the Municipal People's Government through the portal of the Liupanshui Municipal People's Government ( website: ) , the municipal government press conference and the municipal government administrative service center or other carriers or The platform makes the above information public.

人民政府授权 人民政府部分组成部门、直属机构和部门管理机构负责主动公开以下政府信息: The Municipal People's Government authorizes some constituent departments, direct agencies and department management agencies of the Municipal People's Government to take the initiative to disclose the following government information:

发展改革委负责发布国民经济和社会发展规划、计划执行情况报告 ; 1.The Municipal Development and Reform Commission is responsible for issuing reports on national economic and social development planning and plan implementation ;

市财政局 负责发布 财政预算、决算执行报告 ; 2.The Municipal Finance Bureau is responsible for issuing the municipal budget and final accounts execution report ;

生态环境 负责发布环境公报 ; 3. The Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau is responsible for issuing environmental bulletins ;

统计局负责发布统计公报 ; 4.The Municipal Bureau of Statistics is responsible for issuing statistical bulletins ;

市司法局 负责发布 政府规章 ; 5.The Municipal Judicial Bureau is responsible for issuing municipal government regulations ;

人民政府的其他信息。 6. Other information of the Municipal People's Government that should be disclosed in accordance with relevant regulations .

人民政府各组成部门按职能主动公开以下政府信息: Various departments of the Municipal People's Government actively disclose the following government information according to their functions:

; 1. Basic conditions such as nature, resources, population, society, and economic development ;

; 2.Forecasting, occurrence and handling of public emergencies such as natural disasters, public health, work safety, and social safety ;

; space planning and implementation ;

; 4. Land acquisition approval documents ;

; 5.Planning , design, construction, public bidding, project progress, and capital utilization of major construction projects invested by the government ;

; 6. Investment promotion projects ;

; 7. Planning, qualification for bidding and implementation process and results of resource development ;

; 8. Standards, conditions and implementation of poverty alleviation, preferential treatment and social security ;

; 9. Investment, construction and use of public welfare undertakings ;

; 10.Inventory of centralized government procurement projects, government procurement quota standards, procurement methods, and procurement results ;

( 专项资金 ) 的安排,支持项目的条件、标准、申请程序、批准结果、使用和监督情况 ; 11. Arrangement of government funds ( special funds ) to support project conditions, standards, application procedures, approval results, use and supervision ;

2 . 办理行政许可和其他对外管理服务事项的依据、条件、程序及办理结果 ; 1 2. Basis, conditions, procedures and results of handling administrative licenses and other external management service matters ;

3 . 实施行政处罚、行政强制的依据、条件、程序以及具有一定社会影响的行政处罚决定 ; 1 3. Basis, conditions, procedures for implementing administrative penalty, administrative coercion, and administrative penalty decision with certain social impact ;

4. 行政事业性收费事项的目录、标准、依据 ; 1 4. Catalogues, standards, and basis of administrative charges ;

5 . 政府定价目录或指导价目录的调整 ; 1 5. Adjustment of government pricing catalogue or guidance pricing catalogue ;

6 . 公务员招考的职位、名额、报考条件等事项以及录用结果 ; 1 6. Positions, quotas, application conditions, etc., and results of recruitment for civil servants ;

7 . 高等院校招生考试及录取情况 ; 1 7 .Enrollment examinations and admissions of colleges and universities ;

8 . 本机关的管理职能、机构设置、办公地址、办公时间、联系方式、领导成员及分工情况 ; 1 8. Management functions, organization settings, office address, office hours, contact information, leading members and division of labor of this organ ;

. 法律、法规、规章和国家有关规定要求应当主动公开的其他政府信息。 19. Other government information that should be actively disclosed as required by laws, regulations, rules and relevant state regulations.

人民政府各组成部门应当制定政府信息公开目录并及时调整更新,明确公开的政府信息内容,并通过各部门网站、信息公告栏、电子屏幕、报刊、广播、电视、政务新媒体以及其他便于公众及时获取政府信息的载体公开信息。 The constituent departments of the Municipal People's Government should formulate government information disclosure catalogs and adjust and update them in a timely manner, clearly disclose the content of government information, and pass the websites of various departments, information bulletin boards, electronic screens, newspapers, radio, television, new government affairs media, and other convenient public information. Get public information of government information carriers in a timely manner. 20 个工作日内。 The disclosure time of the above information is within 20 working days after the information is generated or changed .

依申请公开 ( 2 ) Publicly available upon application

In addition to the above-mentioned actively disclosed government information, citizens, legal persons or other organizations may apply to municipal administrative agencies for relevant government information. Among them, the government information disclosure application submitted by the public to the Municipal People's Government is handled in the following manner.

Receiving agency

The Municipal People's Government Office is responsible for accepting government information disclosure applications submitted by the public to the Municipal People's Government.

08:30-12:00 ,下午 14:00-17:30( 法定节假日、公休日除外 ) Consultation time: Monday to Friday, 08: 30-12: 00 , 14: 00-17: 30 ( except legal holidays and public holidays )

0858-8224315 Consulting Tel: 0858-8224315

Mailing address: Zhongshan West Road Municipal Government Compound, Liupanshui City

553001 Zip Code: 553001

2. Application method

Applicants who apply to the Liupanshui Municipal People's Government Office to obtain government information should fill in the "Public Application Form for Liupanshui Municipality to Disclose Government Information" (hereinafter referred to as the "Application Form"). / 下载,复制有效。 The "Application Form" can be obtained from the accepting agency or downloaded from the portal website of the Municipal People's Government ( ) . The copy is valid. If it is indeed difficult to fill in the written Application Form, the applicant may submit it orally and the acceptance agency shall fill it out on its behalf. The Municipal People's Government and the Office of the Municipal People's Government do not directly accept applications for government information disclosure made by telephone, but applicants can consult the application process by telephone.

The government information disclosure application submitted by the applicant shall truthfully state the following:

; (1) the name or name of the applicant, proof of identity, and contact information ;

; (2) The name, document number or other characteristic description of the government information applied for disclosure ;

(3) Formal requirements of government information for application disclosure, including methods and channels for obtaining information.

When an individual submits an application, he should also provide a copy of his identity card. When applying for an application, a legal person or other organization shall provide both a copy of the unified social credit code certificate and a copy of the business license.

3. Application Channel

(1) Letter application. 政府信息公开申请 字样,将申请邮寄至受理机构。 Where an applicant files an application by letter, the words " Application for Disclosure of Government Information " shall be marked in a prominent position on the envelope and the application shall be mailed to the receiving agency.

(2) Apply in person. )具体负责受理向各市级行政机关提出的当面申请。 Each municipal administrative agency (address: ) is specifically responsible for accepting in-person applications submitted to each municipal administrative agency.

(3) Fax application. The applicant can send the application form to the receiving agency by fax.

(4) Internet application. 政府信息依申请公开平台 ),直接填写并提交政府信息公开申请。 Applicants can fill out and submit government information disclosure applications directly through the government information disclosure platform ( ).

4. Application processing

After the receiving agency receives the application, it will perform registration and review. If the content of the reviewed application is not clear or the corresponding identity certificate is not provided as required, the accepting agency will give guidance and explanation, and notify the applicant to make corrections at one time. If the application after review meets the requirements for acceptance, the accepting agency will respond in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of the Regulations.

5. Time limit for reply

; 不能当场答复的,将于收到申请之日起 20 个工作日内予以答复 ; 需要延长答复期限的,将按程序报经政府信息公开工作机构负责人同意并告知申请人,延长的期限最长不超过 20 个工作日。 The receiving agency receives the government information disclosure application and can respond on the spot if it can respond on the spot ; if it cannot respond on the spot, it will respond within 20 working days from the date of receiving the application ; With the consent of the person in charge of the government information disclosure work agency and informing the applicant, the extended period shall not exceed 20 working days. The time required for the accepting agency to solicit opinions from third parties and other agencies is not counted in the above period.

6. Expenses

The receiving agency provides government information upon application without charge. However, if the amount and frequency of the applicant's application for disclosure of government information clearly exceeds a reasonable range, the receiving agency will charge an information processing fee. The specific charging method will be announced after the formulation of relevant national and provincial departments.

Third, government information disclosure review

As for the government information to be disclosed, the municipal administrative organ shall conduct an examination in accordance with the "People's Republic of China's Law on Keeping State Secrets" and other laws, regulations and relevant state regulations. If it is not possible to determine whether government information can be made public, it should be reported to the relevant competent authority or the confidentiality administration department for determination in accordance with laws, regulations and relevant state regulations.

Ways of supervision

Citizens, legal persons, or other organizations who believe that their organs have not fulfilled their government information disclosure obligations in accordance with the law may file a complaint or report with an administrative organ at the next higher level or the government information disclosure authority, or apply for administrative reconsideration or file an administrative lawsuit.

六盘水市政府信息公开工作主管部门 ( 1 ) Liupanshui Municipal Government's information disclosure department

Name of Institution: Office of the People's Government of Liupanshui City (E-government Office of Liupanshui City)

0858-8230293 Phone: 0858-8230293

47 号信息大厦十楼 Office address: 10th floor, Information Building, 47 Zhongshan West Road , Liupanshui

553001 Zip Code: 553001

(II) Administrative review

The administrative reconsideration of the Municipal People's Government can be applied to the Guizhou Provincial Department of Justice; the administrative reconsideration of the various departments of the Municipal People's Government can be applied to the Judicial Department of Guizhou Province or the Judicial Bureau of Liupanshui.

. 单位名称:贵州省司法厅 1. Unit name: Department of Justice of Guizhou Province

贵阳 南明区 都司路 130 Office address: 130 Dusi Road , Nanming District , Guiyang City

550002 Postal code: 550002

单位名称:六盘水市司法局 2. Unit name: Liupanshui Judicial Bureau

464 Office address: No. 464 , West Section of Liangdu Avenue, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui City

553001 Zip Code: 553001

(3) Administrative litigation

An administrative lawsuit is filed with the Municipal People's Government at Liupanshui Intermediate People's Court; administrative lawsuits with the various departments of the Municipal People's Government are filed at the Shuicheng County People's Court.

单位名称:六盘水市中级人民法院 办公地址:六盘水市钟山区钟山中路 60 邮政编码: 553001 1. Unit name: Liupanshui Intermediate People's Court ; Office address: 60 Zhongshan Middle Road, Zhongshan District, Liupanshui ; Postcode: 553001

. 单位名称:水城县人民法院 办公地址:六盘水市水城县兴县路 17 邮政编码: 553600 2. Unit name: Shuicheng County People's Court ; Office address: No. 17 , Xingxian Road, Shuicheng County, Liupanshui City ; Postcode: 553600

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