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Open upon request

(以下简称《条例》),除主动公开的政府信息外,公众还可以向市人民政府申请获取相关政府信息。 According to the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Disclosure of Government Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), in addition to the actively disclosed government information, the public can also apply to the Municipal People's Government for relevant government information.

How to apply

The public can apply to the Municipal People's Government for disclosure of government information through two methods: written application and Internet application.

(1) Method of written application

政府信息公开申请表》(见附件),附上身份证明材料(个人提出申请时,应当同时提供身份证复印件;法人或者其他组织提出申请时,应当同时提供统一社会信用代码证复印件以及营业执照复印件),通过以下渠道提交申请。 When applying for government information in writing, the public should truthfully and accurately fill in the “ Public Application Form for Liupanshui City Government Information Disclosure” (see attachment), and attach identification documents (when an individual submits an application, he should also provide a copy of his ID card; a legal person or other organization applies At the same time, a copy of the unified social credit code certificate and a copy of the business license shall be provided at the same time, and the application shall be submitted through the following channels.

1. Correspondence channels. If the applicant submits an application by letter, the application should be marked with “Government Information Disclosure Application” in a prominent position on the envelope, and the application should be mailed to the receiving agency (Address: /).

2. Fax channels. The public can fax the application materials to the specific municipal administrative agency (fax number:

3. Apply in person. The public can submit application materials in person at the municipal administrative organs (address: that accept letters.

(II) Internet application methods

(网址:,直接填写并提交政府信息公开申请。 Applicants can fill out and submit government information disclosure applications directly through the Liupanshui Municipal Government Information Application Platform (website:

How to apply

After receiving the public application, the agency will perform registration and review. If the content of the reviewed application is not clear, or the corresponding identity certificate is not provided as required, the applicant will be informed of the amendments within one working period within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the application, stating the matters that need to be corrected and the time limit for correction. If the applicant fails to make corrections without due time, it shall be deemed to have abandoned the application, and the administrative organ shall no longer process the government information disclosure application. If the application after review meets the requirements for acceptance, it will be processed according to the following circumstances:

(1) If the application information has been actively disclosed, inform the applicant of the methods and channels for obtaining the government information.

(2) If the applied information can be made public, provide the applicant with the government information, or inform the applicant of the method, approach and time for obtaining the government information.

(3) If it is not disclosed in accordance with the Regulations, notify the applicant of the non-disclosure and explain the reasons.

(4) If, after searching, there is no information to be applied for disclosure, notify the applicant that the government information does not exist.

(5) If the information requested does not belong to the authority responsible for disclosure, inform the applicant and explain the reasons; if the subject of the government information can be determined, inform the applicant of the name and contact information of the administrative agency.

(6) If the agency has previously responded to the application for disclosure of government information made by the applicant, and the applicant repeatedly applies for disclosure of the same government information, the applicant shall be notified not to repeat the processing.

(7) The information disclosed for application belongs to the industrial and commercial, real estate registration materials and other information. If the relevant laws and administrative regulations have special provisions on the acquisition of information, the applicant shall be informed to handle them in accordance with the relevant laws and administrative regulations.

How long does it take to reply

If the government receives an application for government information disclosure and can respond on the spot, it will respond on the spot; if it cannot respond on the spot, it will respond within 20 working days from the date of receipt of the application; With the consent of the person in charge of the Municipal People's Government's information disclosure work agency and informing the applicant, the extended period shall not exceed 20 working days. The time required for the agency to solicit opinions from third parties and other agencies is not counted in the above period.

Whether to charge

This agency provides government information upon application and does not charge fees in principle. However, if the amount and frequency of the applicant's application for disclosure of government information clearly exceeds a reasonable range, this agency will charge an information processing fee in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulations. The specific charging measures will be announced after being formulated by the State Council ’s competent price department in conjunction with the State Council ’s financial department and the national government ’s information disclosure authority.

Five, matters needing attention

(1) Because the government information disclosure application involves a certain process, it is recommended that the applicant search the portal of the relevant unit or department for the information that has been actively disclosed before submitting the government information disclosure application. Open application.

(2) This agency does not accept applications for disclosure of government information by telephone, but applicants can inquire about the application process by telephone.

(3) When applying for disclosure of government information, the applicant should provide the name, document number or other characteristic description of the requested government information as much as possible in order to obtain the required information in a timely and accurate manner.

(4) The government information for which the applicant applies for disclosure must be complete government information that has been produced, acquired, and stored by various administrative agencies. If existing government information needs to be processed and analyzed, this agency will not provide it.

(5) The quantity and frequency of the applicant's application for disclosure of government information obviously exceeds the reasonable range, and this organ will require the applicant to explain the reasons. If the reason for the application is unreasonable, the applicant will be informed that the application will not be processed.

(6) Reporting, complaining, consulting, suggestion and other matters are not included in the scope of disclosure of government information according to the application, please go through the municipal government portal website “Liupanshui Complaint Consulting Platform” (URL: jlpt / front / type = 1) to submit related matters or reflect the situation.

Attachment: Liupanshui City Government Information Disclosure Application Form.doc

Download the open application form
Form Download
sign the application form
>> Precautions for filling in the application form
1. The application form should be filled in completely. We will not reply to information without contact information or incorrect contact information.
2. The content of the application form shall be true and valid, and the applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the application materials.
3. In order to improve the processing efficiency, the description of the required information should be as detailed and clear as possible. If possible, provide the title of the information, the release time, the text number or other prompts that help to clarify the information.

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